self sufficient policy

Allow me to explain.

For whatever reason, a few things I take for granted, is something, that simply does not exist, when I work with people.

An example.

last month, September 2022, I hired a model to help me with a product photoshoot. I have been interacting with her, on and off, for at least 3 years now. She knows me through our video call discussions, as well as chat discussions.

So, I book her for a shoot. I collect her details, and I send her advance payment.

And then, on the day of meeting, she ‘forgets’ that we are supposed to be meeting. Her logic is, even though, I am paying her money to work for me, it is my duty to remind her, that today she has to work.

Another example.

I hired a intern to work with me. I have assigned work, and I also pay in advance. I like to pay in advance.

Then, on the due date, there is no email or WhatsApp or any sort of communication. On contacting, the intern says that he has ‘forgotten’ about the work. He says, it is my fault that I did not remind him everyday that he has to work.

This is something I dont understand. You are working for someone. You are taking money.

If you cannot remember that you have a meeting or work to be done, what is the point? I dont want to work with people who need to be constantly reminded that, ‘hey, tomorrow you to submit your work’.

If you want to meet with me, then, send me a message, fix the date.

If you have work that needs submitting, you finish the work on your own, and submit it before the deadline.

Fix your own schedule and work accordingly.

Please be self-sufficient. Please.